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Our Mission
To provide the youth of Richlands the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive soccer leagues by teaching and demonstrating soccer skills, sportsmanship, honesty, respect, and fair play. To provide a safe environment where our youth not only can excel in their soccer skills but also learn the importance of physical fitness in their lives. To provide an atmosphere where the player's emotional well-being will be nurtured as they learn the importance of teamwork, determination, persistence, and hard work. All members will work towards instilling youth the enjoyment and fun aspects of the beautiful game of soccer.

Important Notice
Per Onslow County Board of Education Policy. There is a "Tobacco Free" law that applies to all schools in Onslow County. No one is allowed to have any tobacco products on school premises. As soon as yo...
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Jun 01,2016

Richlands Soccer not hosting camp

Parents, Richlands Soccer Club isn't hosting the Richlands Soccer Camp, this camp is held by the head coach at Richlands High School and has no connection with Richlands Soccer Club. Please get number off his signs or contact...

May 21,2016

Fall Registration open now online.


May 20,2016

Fall Registration late fee

 Begins June 30th

Field Status

Open Open

Richlands Elementary (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Open Open

U5 Mirco Field (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Open Open

U6 Field (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Open Open

U7/U8 CAMSL Field (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Open Open

U9/U10 Field (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Closed Closed

Richlands Primary  (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Closed Closed

U11/U12 Field (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

Closed Closed

Regulation Field  (11:00 AM | 06/01/16)

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